Little Known Facts About The Power Of Digital Journalism — And Why They Matter

With how accessible news has become over the past few years, sometimes we fail to stop and ponder about the quality of the news we consume. In this video, Anita Li shares how her family consumed news growing up, which is relatable for most families. She later shares her work experience, which made her realise that the news written and shared lacked a particular perspective, such as the lack of inclusion from minorities.

After sitting on this information and processing it, I agreed with her statement. If mainstream news included the perspective of minorities, news website like NextShark wouldn’t have become as popular as they are now. Due to the lack of inclusion, NextShark was able to capitalise on this gap by providing news coverage for all things Asian American. Through this talk, I began to relate it to the news coverage in Malaysia. Was this the case as well?

Anita also goes into detail on how social media has been able to propel and spark conversation about police killings of minorities. How wild does that sound? The very people who are supposed to be protecting you are responsible for the killing. This issue is also very relevant in Malaysia as of today, with recent outrage over A. Ganapathy’s death at the hands of the police. It is because of online journalism that stories like these can be brought to the limelight.

On the contrary, below is a link that showcases the perspective of journalists and why they feel diversity is not necessary. But, the difference in culture plays a massive role in this as well.

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